38th Annual EPTA Conference

2015_10_09_19_56_121The theme for this year’s annual conference of the European Piano Teachers Association is “Teaching in the 21st Century: Modern Methods and Material.” The conference will be held at the Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center in Reykjavik, Iceland.

EPTA’s international conferences provide a unique opportunity for piano music lovers and aficionados from different countries to meet, learn and listen to outstanding artists play pieces from the world repertoire of piano music. The conference is extremely important for a small nation like Iceland, in that it strengthens cultural ties with European nations and engenders cooperation. Likewise, the EPTA Conference offers young artists and teachers the chance to follow developments in the world of European art, creating the foundations for further collaboration between them.
Dr. Randall Faber will present his lecture “Developing Musical Minds and Hearts” on September 23, as part of the 2016 conference program.


To learn more and register, visit the EPTA Conference website.

To learn about the EPTA, visit EPTA-Europe.org.

Tour the Harpa Concert Hall website.