A Bounty of Additions in the Teacher Atlas

We’ve been busy adding books and resources to the Teacher Atlas. It’s time for an update, so get comfortable. And as always, we invite you to submit questions, comments, and suggestions below.

Interactive Elementary Flashcards

The Piano Adventures Flashcards present a single note followed by two short sightreading exercises—all on the same card! This combination of note drilling and intervallic reading is highly effective in building reading skills.

For the greatest benefit, the student should drill these flashcards at the keyboard. As the teacher presents a card, the student is asked to:

  1. Name and play the note at the top of the card
  2. Play the sightreading segment in the middle of the card
  3. Perform the optional “Super Student” challenge. While beginning students may omit the drill, more experienced players should take on the challenge!

My First Piano Adventure Flashcard Sheets

This set of ten flashcard sheets provides interactive fun to help students “read with ease.” Each sheet is correlated by book and unit to the My First Piano Adventure course, offering excellent reinforcement of note reading and music concepts. Incredibly easy and effective to screen-share during a remote lesson or group class. Each page features a 16-box grid with answers on the flip side, suitable for a variety of games and activities.


Linked Audio in all Basic Series Lesson Books

Primer through Level 3B Lesson Books now have audio links so you can play the fun accompaniments right in the Teacher Atlas. This feature is easy to use while sharing computer sound on your video calling software, demonstrating the character of a piece. Also handy for planning listening assignments (for example, “Did you hear the booming bass drum?”). Then invite your student to trigger the audio on their end via the Player app or Audio Cloud.

Anglicized Edition

We’re happy to support our teachers in the U.K. and Australia with the Anglicized International Edition now available in the Teacher Atlas.

Spanish Edition

All the basic method books for our Spanish-speaking teachers are now available, as is the Spanish Adult All-In-One Book 1.

Both versions of our Lesson Book 2A, 2nd edition

We have made a few changes to some of our books in an effort to make the song content more diverse and culturally inclusive. Lesson Book 2A has so far received the most changes, and we have both versions now available for easy cross-reference. View a current list of editorial updates here.

Coming Soon!

Teacher Group Plans for schools and institutions, plus annotation tools inside the Atlas for marking up scores.